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November 6, 2013
An Exclusive Collaboration

Preloved For Indigo

An Exclusive Collaboration


Indigo is proud to have an exclusive collaboration with Preloved, a Canadian clothing label - Preloved x Indigo. As Preloved founder Julia Grieve says: “the idea behind the brand is to take something old, completely deconstruct it and turn it into something beautiful, current and on trend.” And that is exactly what Preloved does– taking vintage clothing and using that fabric to create their own collections. As well as fashion pieces, Preloved has collaborated with us on home décor. Watch out for the most beautiful pillows and blankets imaginable! Sarah Binder, Indigo’s senior Fashion Buyer, explains the reason behind Indigo’s enthusiasm for working with this much-loved brand - “We love working with Canadians and it’s important to us to support home-grown talent and brands. Especially ones that are so passionate about the environment and sustainable product.”

Indigo Inspired was lucky enough to sit down to hear Julia’s own thoughts on this exciting collaboration.

How did the Preloved X Indigo collaboration come to be? It has been so exciting to work with the Indigo team. I think the brands have a very similar philosophy. A love of excellence and attention to detail. The collaboration is one that supports Canadian-made products and also a conscious shopper.

What are you five favourite pieces from the collaboration?
1. Eternity Scarf- This comes in 2 different color ways. It is the perfect “on-trend” scarf. Constructed from up cycled wool, it can be worn single layer for a great accessory and double wrapped for extra warmth.
2. Mittens – The perfect gift for everybody on your list. Created from up cycled wool and felted for maximum warmth that will get you through any winter.
3. Head band-   Another perfect gift.  It is stylish, warm and won’t mess up your hair all at once!
4. Reading sock- A very long and cozy sock. Constructed from up cycled wool and leather on the bottom. Another perfect gifting piece. From your mother-in-law to the baby sitter…everyone is covered!
5. The slipper mask travel kit- My personal favourite! This comes with an eye mask, matching slipper and a pouch to put it all in.  Regardless if you are coming home for the holidays or off to see relatives, this gift will keep you warm and cozy the whole way through.